Sunken city found near cuba coast

Sunken city found near the coast of Cuba.

A group of Canadian researchers, led by Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki, discovered the ruins of the ancient city. Noteworthy, they found the Sunken city 700 m off the coast of Cuba thanks to an underwater robot. Next, the researchers studied these images obtained by a robot. In particular, they have found the remains of monumental structures, including four large pyramids. Besides, they discovered parts of monument, that in shape resembles a Sphinx, and several monoliths with inscriptions.

According to Pauline Zalitzki, the town belongs to the preclassical period in the history of civilizations of Central America and the Caribbean Islands. The ruins are at least 1.5-2 thousand years old, experts believe. However, they don’t rejected more ancient origin.


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